Wisconsin Singers coming March 19th



The WI Singers will be performing at the Savanah Center again this year on

Tuesday March 19, 2019 at 5p.m. and 8 p.m.  The WI Singers, from the U. of

WI Madison, WI have been performing shows for over 50 years. No, not the

same people, but students that were in the first shows way back when, and now

some of their grandkids are performing.  If you've seen any of the shows you

know the high energy these students have, and how much fun it is to watch

them entertain us.  There is more information on the Villages entertainment

website.  Tickets are on sale NOW and can be purchased at the various box

offices, or online.  They are very reasonably priced at $22.00 for Villages

residents, and $27.00 for General public.  I have a limited number of discount

vouchers for anyone that is a Village resident that will get you a $2.00 discount

per ticket, for up to six tickets per voucher.  Call me, or email me, if you would

like a discount voucher, and I'll figure out a way to get them to you.

This years show is "Nothings's Gonna Stop Us Now!" 

A little history:  The WI Singers are comprised of about 35 students that

sing/dance/play musical instruments/etc.   The WI Singers program is not funded

by the U. of WI, so every year the student put on shows around the country, mostly

in WI, and here in the Villages during college Spring break. About 2002, Bob

Torgerson, whose daughter was a member of the WI Singers, arranged to have the

Singers start putting on shows in The Villages at the Savanah center.  Bob coordinated

the Singers program with the Villages entertainment department until about 3 years

ago when I took over this task from him.  The WI Singers being here is a join effort with the three WI Clubs in the Villages.

I hope you will be able to attend at least one of the two shows again this year.  I have been to every show since the Singers have been performing in the Villages, and each has been different and fun to take in.  Remember too, that while you are getting to see a great show, you are also helping the WI Singers raise money to help keep the program going for another year.

Questions, please email me, or call me.  Get to the box offices now, to get your best seats

for one of the shows.


David Sturm,  Coordinator for the WI Singers for the WI Clubs in The Villages

352 259 1796