OFFICERS AND COMMITTEE                      CHAIRS              

   2018 – 2019             


President: Wanada Lund   

Manages the Club, and organizes and runs the Board and Membership meetings.

Vice President: Sue Smith    

Chairs the entertainment responsibilities and substitutes for the President, as necessary.

Co-Secretarys: Pearl Seavitte &  Linda Fisher     

Documents the Board and Membership meetings.

Treasurer: Vern Peterson                 

Manages the Club finances, bank accounts and checkbook. 


Online payment administrator:  Diane Kohn 

Membership: Pam Lorenz

Organizes member names, street and email addresses, phone numbers and collects dues.  The membership chairperson keeps a data base on a computer with member information. 

50/50 Drawings:  

Kathy Cristopher                          

Sells raffle tickets, splits the money and awards cash prizes.

Photographer:  Annette Thomson    

Takes photos at all club events and assists the club web master with the website.

Refreshments:  Jim & Connie Handlos

Provides and sets up refreshments at club meetings.  The refreshments chairperson arranges for catering and manages potluck dinners, provides cookies   and snacks with the coffee and water at all membership meetings. 

Webmaster: Jim Krause                    

Designs and maintains the On Wisconsin Club website.

Greeters:  Sue Rattner                  

Prior to the start of the club meetings, the Greeters direct current members to the meeting room and non-members to the membership chairman,