On Wisconsin Club Board Meeting                                                              Thursday, January 3, 2019

Attendees :   Denny Gruszecki, Jim Krause, Annette Thomson, John Thomson, Gene Hendukse, Vern Peterson, Connie Handlos, Diane Kohn, Susan Smith

Meeting was called to order by VP Susan Smith.  Introductions were made and guests welcomed.

  1.  No secretaries or treasurers reports available

II.  Old Business

  December 2018 event-Joint holiday party

      A.   104 participants, discrepancies with numbers from Sumter Club which

             is By Pam and their club

      B.   Evaluations were shared

             Average for entertainment. 4.7

             Average for food 4.5

             Survey winner Linda Gaertner

     C.    Silent auction was not a great success this year but $60 will be given to Lions Camp

   Thanks you letter from Wisconsin Lions Burch-Sturm Memorial Fund was shared by John Thomson

III.  New Business

     Name badges and stickers for renewals

     A.  Jim reported only 5% of membership has renewed.  Most wait until January or Februaryto do so.

     B.  29% of members have purchased name badges

     Officer positions available for 2019 election, president and treasurer.  Nomination forms will

      Be placed on table at January event

    Planning for 2019-20    Susan smith reported that planning will begin with committee

    attending January talent showcase Leesburg on January 21

    Vern Peterson reported that he would like to get started on planning for Baseline spring golf

     outing.  Requested that Pam contact Baseline to determine date

   January 21 Leesburg Blues Brothers Tribute

         A.  Will bring car

         B.  Show will last approximately an hour

         C.  Meet and greet and photo ops will be available after

         D.  Food will be provided by Olive Garden with create your own pasta station, house

               salad and bread sticks.  Plates and silverware will be provided

        E.  A January deadline will be set for ticket sales

        F.  Pam will be asked to send out blurb to membership about event

        G.  49 tickets sold at this time

   February 18, 2019 Mardi Gras Carnival Party

        A.  Clark Barios will provide entertainment

        B.  Connie is working with Lil Bits to provide gumbo

        C.  Cupcakes will be provided with babies. Susan is working on this

        D.  Decoration committee is currently accumulating garland, beads, etc

        E.  Plans are I. The works for a photo booth

 Meeting was adjourned at 3:30 PM

Respectfully submitted.  Susan Smith