On Wisconsin Club Board Meeting                                Thursday, February 7, 2019

Meeting began at 3pm

ATTENDANCE:  Pam Lorenz, Connie Handlos, Jim Krause, Denny Gruszecki, Annette Thomson, Susan Smith, Diane Kohn


TREASURERE REPORT:  Denny Gruszecki reported $3002.93 in treasury with $300 petty cash

OLD BUSINESS:  January 2019 event – Blues Brothers.  220 people attended.  Everyone had very positive comments.  Corky Huber was the winner of the survey 

NEW  BUSINESS:  Jim Krause reported that 36% members renewed.  Will place membership table near stage as space is needed for dance floor. 

  Officer positions…responses are 1/president and 2/treasurer

  Storage Facility to rent for all club “stuff”..Connie Handlos will check into cost

  Pam Lorenz will send out a “blurb about the  February meeting and also need an ID or GUEST ID to attend

  Golf Event on March 9 has no information on the number of people

  Planning for next season.  Connie Handlos and Susan Rattner went to Leesburg to listen to some possible programs.  They were very impressed.  Best entertainment was a Comedian and it was everything about Wisconsin..60 minute show..$1400 - $1600..

Second choice was an Elvis impersonator ..$900.  Also was an Irish singer and wife..$1800.

  MARDI GRAS PARTY on February 18, 2019:  $20/ticket.  Entertainment with  Clark Barrios..$1600.  Susan Rattner will get wine for door prizes and place a sticker on the bottom of the cupcake box.  Food will be Gumbo, salad and Rolls from Lil Bits at $10/person.  Salad and Rolls will be on the table and will serve Gumbo on rolling carts.  Will get cupcakes from Sams.  Pam Lorenz will contact Louisiana club for decorations and already has some Mardi Gras garland for the tables.  Door Prize will be Masks (donated value $120/each)  Raffle tickets will be

$1/each or 6/$5.

   WILD, WILD WEST PARTY on March 19, 2019.  Entertainment will be Lisa Coan (singer..$300) and Helen will line dance..$125.

Oakwood will cater.  Red check tablecloths.  Members asked to wear western.

Meeting adjourned at 4pm