On Wisconsin Club 

By Laws

Article I

The name of the organization is the On Wisconsin Club ("Club"), located in The Villages of Lake/Sumter/Marion counties, Florida. The purpose of the Club is for the enjoyment and fellowship derived from engaging in social and other activities as may be agreeable to the membership and guidelines as established by The Villages Community Development District — Recreation Department. Members must be residents of The Villages and must have had residency in the State of Wisconsin at one time in the past.

Article 11

The Executive Board ("Board") shall be comprised of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Past President and Members-at-large. The general duties of the Executive Board are as follows.

President•   Manages the Club, and organizes and runs the Board and Membership meetings.

Vice President: Chairs the entertainment responsibilities and substitutes for the President, as necessary.

Secretary: Documents the Board and Membership meetings.

Treasurer: Manages the Club finance bank accounts and checkbook.                Past President: Assists in running the club, as needed.  

Members-at-Large:  Represent different aspects of Club mangement, such as Business Administration (e.g.: online payment processing, membership, website management), Entertainment (e.g.: food management) and Historian (e.g.: club photographer).

Officers will be elected for two-year terms, with a two year limit.  The President and Secretary will be elected in odd numbered years and the Vice President, Treasurer and Members-at-Large will be elected in the even number years.

A Simple majority of the Board must be present, either in person or electronically, at a Board meeting to qualify as a quorum. Once a quorum exists, a simple majority of the votes of those available are required to pass an action. A quorum is not required of all current members at a membership meeting for approval of any action. A simple majority vote of those present is adequate.

Candidates for the Board shall be selected by a Nominating Committee as appointed by the current Board. The election of officers shall be voted on during a Spring membership meeting with the term of office beginning on June 1. The tenure for each office shall be for one year with no limit on serving successive years.

Article 111

The fiscal year shall run from January 1 through December 31. Membership meetings shall be held every month from September through May Annual dues shall be set by the Board with dues paid annually.

Article IV

The Board is responsible for the appointment of committees.

Article V

The Treasurer's books may be audited at the end of the fiscal year or at the Board's request if it is deemed necessary. The monies collected from the annual dues and other sources shall be made available to the officers and various committees to pay for expenses and programs. The annual donations to charities shall be financed primarily through the 50/50 drawings or special events. The President and Treasurer will be authorized to sign checks, deposit or withdraw monies from the Club's bank account.

Article VI

The membership will be capped at 425 members.

Article Vll

These By-Laws may be amended at any time with a simple majority vote of the membership attending the meeting where the vote is taken. Proposed changes must be initially proposed by a Board member or a Club member and discussed at a Board meeting with the Board recommending a change. The changes will be made in an electronic medium, on the website and/or in an email to the membership prior to a vote by the membership. Changes shall become effective immediately.

These By-Laws were adopted by the Board on April 5, 2018.

These By-Laws were adopted by the membership on April 16, 2018.