News From the President of our Club

Good Morning Everyone:

As we all know life has changed for all of us.  The On Wisconsin club Board of Directors is busy contemplating what our future might hold here in the villages.  Everything changes so quickly.  First of all we missed our election of officers for the next year.  We have decided to leave the current officers in place until the time when we can meet again and have an election.   The Board has purchased a new software system that will be easier to communicate and purchase tickets and memberships online.  This is time consuming to convert everyones addresses and phone numbers into the system.  Thank you to the board members working on this.  

Golf outing for the fall is still being evaluated and the committee is  working on a new plan and a new venue.  As always we are limited by the virus but think that details can be worked out to make this happen.  

Because of the limitations at the Villages Recreation Centers, we do not know what is going to happen to all the groups at the villages.  We can only wait and see what our limitations might be.  We would generally have sent our proposed yearly plan of events to you but everything is on hold for the time being.  I hope you are all safe and healthy.  Enjoy your quarantine time with your significant other and learn a new game or hobby.  We will be back in action as soon as life here in the villages permits.  Happy Spring!!  Celebrate summer!!  Looking forward to fall fun with all of you.  



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